I particularly love wedding photography and portraiture. I love capturing moments as they unfold and getting to know my fabulous clients. 
I have over 10 years professional photography experience and have traveled as far as Puerto Rico to capture beautiful wedding moments. I love many types of weddings from the chic to the rustic!

I'M HERE TO HELP YOU CELEBRATE YOUR most important moments in life

Pictures in silver frames

I'M Jen! A believer, military wife, MOM of 2 girlies, PHOTOGRAPHER,  AND FRIEND

hey, you!

He takes my hand. Holds it tightly and leads me to an uncertain, fun, exciting future. 
I'm the structure...the planner from start to finish. I'm the schedule maker.
He's the go as fast as you can go...the laughter and excitement...the not afraid to be silly man's man.  

I cook and dirty every dish in the house and he laughs it off as he grabs at the piles of delicious-smelling mess and cleans. He dips me with his hugs...I curl up and sink in as I scratch his noggin. He senses when things are off in me and wraps me in love.
He is my rock on a foundation built on God's word.  

We are partners in crime....he is forever my groom and I, his bride. 

meet jennifer b!

 my love &my beardED GUITAR MAN

my animal loving crazy

fender & tele

my softhearted Artist

life behind the lens!

my little mommy (she's always trying to take care of her little sis), izzy is so talented.  she loves to draw, play piano, and sing (just not in front of people).  And she has a heart of gold

addy is the most persistent and animated person i know.  she loves anything and everything about horses.  She is also an expert leggo builder.  she hates the color pink...loves red and black.

retired air force, he loves to work with his hands...airplanes, cars, guitars, you name it and he can probably fix it.  his biggest passion (aside from me) is guitars.  He is building three and has 13.

The newest additions of our family.  Named after two of lewis's guitars, fender and tele are a mix of english setter and poodle...and they are 100% adorable


On a scale from one to awesome,
we love each other to the moon and back.


a natural encourager, larger than life laugh, pretend chef, lover of bacon


Lewis was the boy next door...he was in the Air Force and I was in the Army.  I left the Army and married him...almost 20 years later still having fun.

how we met


We have two sweet little girls, Izzy & Addy, and 5 fur-babies, Tele, Fender, and Snickers, and now Colby and Jack, our rescued tabbies.

our Family


I am just a little obsessed with these colors...ever since I was little.

I love the color mint, teal, & tiffany blue


I cannot get enough...that and I love pens, journals, and sweet smelling candles that I hardly ever light. 

coffee & coffee mugs


My favorite treats...

M&Ms mixed with hot popcorn and mint chocolate chip ice cream!


creating little chefs...

I love cooking with my girls...and watching cooking shows.  We pretend we are competing on who has the best dish...still working on teaching them to clean after. We are very messy!

some facts...

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